The earth around you begins to vibrate as what feels like years of tension is released, breaking up the soil into DRY CRUMBS OF DIRT. 

these CRUMBS BEGIN to gYrate to an unseen rythm. The bass seems heavy under the earth as waves begin to form TO A NATURAL TIME SIGNATURE.

attempting to keep your balance you kick a foot out. this has the opposite effect and you find yourself on your back looking up at the sky. the waves benEAth you slowly pull you DOWNWARDS.

Your attempts to get up sink each limb FURTHER benEIth the surface. you begin to slowly sink 

first your legs

then your torso  

you can hear the music that moves the earth now

a sound so fAmiliAr to you but something you definIteLy have been living without 

it makes you feel empty

aS though this sound was ONCE yours 

but had been lost

your jaw is now being submerged and you think about your breath

you wonder if breathing under the soil will be harder than breathing on the surface

the air has been poisoned up there

...its effects were slow...

but IT would PHYSICALLY break you down over time

after your nose is submerged you realise you aRE breathing just fine


baffled you panic 

and start to thrash your limbs

only for this to make you sink faster

until your eyes are covered 

and all you see is 


under the earth